About Valérie

Delivering high quality work while respecting the deadline is her aim

Valérie is an industry veteran dedicated to elevating standards in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. With her exemplary leadership skills, she has consistently led teams to deliver top-notch results within tight deadlines. Renowned for her accountability and organisational prowess, she is a natural team player who relishes challenges and is committed to continuous learning and innovation.

More than 10 years of experience in thepharmaceutical and medical device industry.


In 2020, Valérie founded VT Consulting Services, leveraging over a decade of industry experience in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Her expertise extends to food supplements, cosmetics, and the public sector. Specialising in Regulatory Affairs, Publicity, Quality Assurance, and (Pharmaco)vigilance, she also possesses a strong acumen in Pricing & Reimbursement. 

Valérie holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Catholic University of Leuven and an MBA from the Luxembourg School of Business. She is fluent in Dutch, French, and English, with working knowledge of Spanish, German, and Luxembourgish.

Valérie is a seasoned professional committed to delivering exceptional results on time, every time. With a proven track record in leadership, she sets the standard for accountability, organisation, and coordination. A natural team player, Valérie thrives on challenges and is perpetually eager to expand her knowledge and skills.

Work experience

After her graduation as a pharmacist, Valérie decided to work in a community pharmacy. A couple of years later it was time for her to broaden her knowledge and she decided to start working as a consultant. That is how she came in contact with Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Publicity and Quality Assurance.

In 2015 she moved to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where she is still living today.

Prior to creating her own business, she was responsible for the Regulatory Affairs department of a medical device company located in GD Luxembourg, hence her experience in that matter.

During the pandemic COVID crisis, she was given the opportunity to work for the Luxembourg Health Authorities where she helped out  managing the COVID vaccines, was involved in the development of a quality system for the vaccine centres (including inspection) and participated in the crisis team meetings when required.

Since the start of her company, she had the opportunity to manage several projects in the different areas of her expertise. Lately, she is taking her first steps in pricing and reimbursement.

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